NotNow on Twitter

NotNow, the reminder service also works on Twitter, and it's even easier! Just ask @NotNowCo to remind you of a specific tweet via a mention.

A simple mention in answer to a tweet

To remind you of a certain tweet, just answer this tweet with a mention to @NotNowCo and a reminder time.

Use the following commands:

In some time

  • in X minutes
  • in X hours
  • in X days
  • in X weeks
  • in X months

For example, I can receive a reminder for a tweet in 3 hours if I answer to it:

"Hey @NotNowCo, can you remind me of this tweet in 3 hours ?"

Be creative, only a mention to @NotNowCo and "in XXX YYY" are mandatory in the tweet. 😉

What happens behind ?

@NotNowCo will like your tweet if he understood your request. If your tweet is liked, it means it's in the reminder's list. The bot will unlike your tweet when sending the reminder. To cancel a reminder, just remove your mentionning tweet to @NotNowCo.

We don't store any list of tweets, usage or anything else, the bot simply checks who mention it and which tweets he liked, then he answers it.

NotNow is a free tool developed by Nicolas Cognaux. Don't hesitate to contact me with your feedback!